Amnesiac Hide
Mike Nelson
Book Design
Monograph of iconic British artist Mike Nelson on the ambitious commission of the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver. Mike explores the notion of the lone, nomadic traveller through a series of intriguing and highly detailed installations.

Commissioned on behalf of the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, and The Power Plant, Toronto, Mike Nelson's installation draws on archetypes such as the fur trapper, the pioneering explorer, the Beatnik and the biker. Nelson offers a new reading of the lone traveller, focusing on the significance of these characters in the context of masculinity and spirituality.

Nelson is best known for his architectural installations, which unfold as narrative structures, where the viewer moves through seemingly abandoned rooms devoid of figures. This publication draws out Nelson's frequent return to the archetypal wanderer, who underlays much of his work as an implied trace or sculptural assemblage. 

14 × 23 cm
176 pages
Black Dog Publishing