The Greek Vegetarian
Heather Thomas
Book Design
Design for The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook, for the vegetarian cookbooks series by Phaidon. One of the challenges here was to work with a colour that not the blue. To achieve that I worked together with Phaidon’s team on art directing the cover photo shoot. That way I could find a colour that could be used across the publication.

Fresh fruits and vegetables abound in Greek cuisine and in this case the fig stood out. The shot of that fig as well as one of its recipes in the book were just gorgeous and yummy. With that in mind I used the purple as the main colour across the book with subtle opacity differences across the chapter openers to convey the idea of time. As the day gets darker, so does the shade of purple.

The book simplifies this hugely popular cuisine with easily achievable, nourishing recipes so satisfying and tasty that they appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

25 × 19 cm
272 pages
📷 Dinis Santos