Words don’t come easy
Mail Art

Back in 2019 I was invited by José Bártolo to contribute with a mail art piece to the exhibition SINAL – 100 Years of Design in Telecommunications and Postal Services. Words don't come easy was my response to that invitation.

Using the telegraph and morse code as a starting point to steer my approach, I created a series of postcards where I let the natural flow of holding a calligraphic pen take its course. The end result was a visual narrative represented by a gradient. This was achieved by changing the ink cartridge each time I faced a blank postcard, allowing the ink residue of the old blend with the fresh from the new as I took my time filling the white in front of me.

Besides the obvious relation between the title of the work, and the work, the title also references a magazine I read around 2011, on writing in contemporary art. FR David. The magazine name, an allusion to the artist that composed the song that just popped into my head when I finished the last postcard. I put the pet down, a synapse occurred and memory played its role.

Pilot Parallel Pen Ink on 300GSM Watercolour Postcard